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Q1. - I get a recurring backache.
Ans. In this case, you need to check two things. First, your lifestyle and second your mattress. Often, the culprit is, how you spend your day, while victim is the mattress. If you have a long-hour-sitting-job or driving throughout the day or even sensitive to temprature changes, your back might hurt at the end of the day.
Try to change your lifestyle. Add an exercise regime to it. This will make the blood flow to all body parts more freely rejuvnating the muscles all over.
As for the mattress, I would advise a firm yet comforting mattress. Even if you had no choice but to sacrifice one, let it be the comfort factor. Firm mattresses align our spine and prevent it from slouching. You may feel a little discomfort if you have been using soft mattresses, but your body will get used to it in a few days.

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Q5. - I have heard about Memory Foam. Should I try it?
Ans.There are plenty of new things in the market nowadays. Various combos of Springs with foam, various kinds of Foams, HR, VR and what not. What stands out amongst these is Memory Foam. We can go on telling you so much about memory foam, but here I would summarize in two lines.
1. Memory Foam (or Visco Elastic foam) is very soft and takes the contour of the body.
2. It is heat sensitive and hardens of softens based on exposure to heat (read body heat).
Often, people suffering from chronic backache realize that although they need an firm mattress, they can not endure the degree of hardness that comes with a regular ortho mattress.Memory foam mattress are the perfect solution as they can often be hard from inside and yet luxuriously soft from top.

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F.A.Q. continued

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Q2. -My old mattress has sagged.
Ans. A mattress endures our bodyweight whole night long, and often the day too. Although the material used to make mattresses is supple yet resilient, the possiblity of sagging is always there.
There are two reasons for this sagging
1. Manufacturing defect - Always possible despite the fact all manufacturers try to eliminate human factor at the time of production and keep it mainly to operating machines. One of the checks for these defects is that the product be subject to, say 100 impressions of our bodyweight. If we sleep on a new mattresses regulary, it should translate to roughly 4 months. My observation is that if a new mattress has a manufacturing defect, it will show in a period of less than 6 months. All manufacturers give you a guarantee of at least 1 year.
2. Life of the mattress - When you go to a store to purchase a mattress, you realize that, in one type of mattress, say coir and foam, the price ranges from 2000 to 20,000 per piece. Why? There could be many factors for this, like the quality of upholstery, the thickness of mattress, the size of mattress. But the most important is the quality of its constituents. Mattresses are generally made using coir, foam and springs. So the higher the rubberization of coir, the higher the density of foam and the better the tensile strength of a spring decides what kind of a life to expect from that mattress. A better quality, longer lasting mattress will generally be more expensive.

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Q1. - I have bought a new house, new furniture, so I am thing of changing the mattress too.
Ans. Congratulations for the new house.
It makes a lot of sense to change your bedding when you buy a new bed.The reason is that, a bed and a mattress make a complete sleep system. One mattress that goes very well with a particular bed, may not go at all with a different one because of factors like height of the bed, type of the bed, size or base of the bed. Think about it, at your old place, you had a bed about 14" high and a mattress about 4" thick. Your new bed is a low bed, 10" high with a panel running around. Now with the old mattress, you will get a total height of 14". Such a low arrangement puts a lot of stress on your knees when you get up from the bed. This is one of the instances of incongruity. You can find many similar ones. Moreover, lets try out something bold and interesting yet proven.LUXURINO is the way to go!

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