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Which is a better mattress, Kurlon or Sleepwell? Actually, a better mattress is one that suits your need and gives you comfort. When you visit a Mattress store, the sales people ask your requirements. Whatever they are trained to inquire is included below. Being humans, or otherwise influenced, they may not offer you the complete range. Now you can zero in on your preferred range yourself. Please make your selection based on the questions below and do not bother if it turns out a Kurlon or a Sleepwell.

The stars are based on the score that each mattress received when it was weighed on various features including comfort, longevity, back support and company support among others.
  • 1. What is the size you are looking for ? (If the size is not in the list choose the next higher.)

  • 2. What kind of comfort are you looking for ?
  • ANY Firm Moderate Soft

  • 3. What would you like the mattress to be made of ?
  • ANY Coir & Foam Springs - Bonnell (Connected) Springs - Pocketed (Individual) Foam

  • 4. What thickness would you prefer ?
  • 4 inch 5 inch 6 inch 8 inch 10 inch

  • 5. Do you have cost preference ?
  • No Below 5,000 Below 10,000 Below 15,000

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