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Most popular mattresses in their respective class

Before starting off with an analysis of what a good mattress is or why you should avoid certain types of mattresses, I recommend that you visit a good multi-brand store to check out the various types of mattresses available. Remember, if you do not actually lay down and test a mattress, you can never be sure if its gonna be the one for you. Just five minutes of laying down in your natural sleep posture will tell you if you will be comfortable on it or not.

Please note that both Kurlon and Sleepwell offer more than 20 models each, but what we have showcased are the most relevant models. Mattresses which are either popular or technically best value on our criterion. Our evaluation system considers three things.

1. Comfort

2. Orthopedic correctness

3. Price (value for money, not necessarily the cheapest or most expensive) 

I reckon that you proceed to the FAQ section where I have tried to list reasons for recommending certain mattresses.